The Atomic family has been producing fine jewelry on 47th Street in New York City since 1959. Three generations committed to the perfection of each treasure that bears our trademark.

We produce a classic collection of diamond rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets, each crafted to become heirlooms. Our timeless designs favor clean lines, elegant balance and symmetry.

We proudly produce each item with care. Modification of our designs by the owner or gift -giver is invited, and we enjoy the process, enhancing the owner's enjoyment.

We take great care to match each diamond for color, cut and size. We allow a mere 1/10mm variance between stone sizes. The layout is then scanned into a computer that drives a lathe to create the perfect setting for each ring.

With the help of a master craftsman, the stones are then permanently set into their custom seats. The set ring is then hand finished in a series of polishing stages, resulting in a stunning product.